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That will touch your heart

We've partnered with various organisations located in Myanmar and Thailand to create a unique online learning experience for the students. Throughout the course, our students are trained and equipped to conduct a 6 weeks Online Digital Storytelling Workshop with our partner organisations to create stories from the learners in Myanmar and Thailand. Through this experience, the course hopes to bring a much needed human connection in this world. 

These are a selection of stories that were produced in the Fall Semester of 2020 by our students and learners in Myanmar.

Thabyay Education Foundation: Aung Nyo by Cho Cho Myint

Cho Cho Myint is a student from Thabyay Education Foundation which focuses on providing education and professional development to youth across the country. Thabyay believes in equal opportunity and education and recruits ethnic students who are inspired to pursue higher education and help their community. It is also a leading education organisation in Myanmar which has successfully managed to send their students to many foreign universities on scholarships.    

MYEO: A pandemic story by Rojar 

Rojar is a student representative from Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities (MYEO) which dream of equipping all youth from Myanmar with 21st Century digital skills, workplace skills and opportunities that are much needed in the country. MYEO believes the keys to successful for youth today is mastering digital skills which a lot of Myanmar youth legged behind due to political oppression in the past. Today, MYEO has trained hundreds of youth studying in Universities in Myanmar and have appointed campus leaders who believe in inspiring others to achieve their mission. 

Minmahaw School: Learning New Things by Naw Shee K'Mu Paw 

Naw Shee K'mu Paw is a student from Minmahaw School which is located in Mae Sot, Thailand on the border to Myanmar. The school provides education to immigrant youth from Myanmar who are now living in Thailand. It is one of the most established school in the area providing quality education to mostly ethnic youth who have been living in refugee camps set up in Thailand. Minmahaw not only thrive for academic excellency with their students, but also encourage them to chase after what they passionate in.

NLD Education Network: Be Positive by Nu Yin Win 

Nu Yin Win is a student from NLD Education Network foundation sprung across Yangon and Myanmar in the slams to the most densely populated area of the city to provide free education to every children. The network has schools providing basic education to primary to secondary school students who can't afford to go to public school or receive extra help due to their financial education. NLD collaborate with many different international charity organisations to provide additional training such as computer class, foreign language training and many youth as long as they have a desire to be better.  

Our Partner Organisations

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