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CAES 2004: Communication and Community Engagement through Podcasting

More about CAES 2004:

CAES 2004: Communication and Community Engagement through Podcasting is a unique course offering students the opportunity to gain real-world experience in producing a podcast.


Students in this course will propose a podcast and/or podcast themes for established or emerging podcasts. Through this course students will gain hands-on skills and practical experience to produce a compelling podcast as they plan, organize, write, record and edit content. Students will learn how to cultivate their own unique voice as the host of their own podcast show/episode and receive individualized feedback to help them progress from the first stage of planning to the final stage of publishing content.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

1. Identify topics and develop quality podcast content related to broad global issues or the more local HKU-wide community experience;

2. Work in a team to organize the production of a podcast including conducting research on selected topic, identifying and liaising with guests, managing multiple aspects of capturing a podcast, and attending to other organizational details required for podcast production;

3. Generate genre-appropriate spoken texts for the interview or dialogue-based podcast format using techniques such as interviewing and storytelling through appropriate vocal techniques;

4. Use hardware and software tools to capture and edit digital media and to publish and promote a podcast;

5. Reflect upon and critically evaluate their own and peers’ communication skills and productions.

Assessment 1: Production Pitch
Assessment 2: Podcast Production (individual & group components)
Assessment 3: Refection Journal
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