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CAES 2002: Online Digital Storytelling In English


Online Digital Storytelling Online in English (CAES2002) is an innovative new online course for undergraduate students at the University of Hong Kong is designed to extend our experiential learning programs into virtual space to help promote participants’ ability to understand and appreciate the power of first-person narratives as a mechanism of elevating participants voices, as well as written, spoken, visual and technical literacies through the production of a video-based digital story.    For BA&BEd (LangEd) and BEd&BSc students in the Faculty of Education, this course can be counted as fulfilling the Community-based Professional Practicum (CPP) requirement.


Class A: Every Monday and Friday from 12:30 to 1:20.

Class B: Every Monday and Friday from 17:30 to 16:20.

Video Blogging

Course Activity

Digital Storytelling – weeks 1-6

Students enrolled in this course will spend the first six weeks learning about the Digital Storytelling methodology as they experience the process first hand. To add an additional element of global exposure to the course, we are planning to conduct sessions during this period in coordination with students from a university in the USA, giving HKU students to share their personal narratives alongside diverse students in America.

Digital Storytelling – weeks 7-12

After mastering the skills and techniques involved in Digital Storytelling HKU students participating in this course will then deliver a similar workshop to learners in Myanmar. Our Community Partner Organizations (CPOs) are schools and learning centers in Yangon, Hpa-an and Mae Sot, Thailand. Most of these have established relationships with HKU through our Nurturing Global Leaders programme. As workshop facilitators you will solve issues associated with online delivery in the developing world, plan and deliver lessons, create online learning support materials and arrange for small group or 1:1 tutorials with learners in Myanmar.

Copy of Learn to improve your online presentation using CAMTASIA_edited

Copy of Learn to improve your online presentation using CAMTASIA_edited

In the Classroom

In the Classroom

Asian Landscape

Asian Landscape

Image by Larm Rmah

Image by Larm Rmah

Image by Jakob Owens

Image by Jakob Owens

Course Assessment

Upon completion of CAES2002 students will receive a letter grade (A to F) based on successfully completing the following assessments:

  • Digital Story (30%)
    The Digital Story is a meaningful personal narrative showcasing the power, and value, of your stories of lived experiences. This story will be shared and developed as part of a collaborative process involving extensive peer and teacher feedback.

  • Learning Object (25%)
    Learning Objects are concise instructional materials designed to be hosted in an online platform. This learning support content will be initially developed for learners in Myanmar and then adapted to be suitable for students at HKU. Learning Objects are multimedia and may require the production of graphics and video. These objects will become part of a growing resource being developed to support HKU students.

  • Online Engagement (25%)
    Students ability to overcome obstacles and respond to the needs of multiple stakeholders, including the CPO and learners in Myanmar will be assessed.

  • Reflective Vlog (20%)
    In the final production students will produce a reflective vlog that showcases their ability to communicate effectively through digital media.

Film Clapboard

Learning Management Platform

This course will not use a conventional Learning Management System such as Moodle. Instead, the course learning activities will be completed in an online knowledge management platform called Notion. The group will work collaboratively to construct a learning space and build organizational components. Although relatively new, Notion is a platform with a huge range of applications in personal, educational and commercial contexts. A willingness to adopt new technology and the ability to creatively apply emerging technologies will be important to your success in this course.


Employment opportunity after completion

Students completing this course are eligible to apply for paid Peer Consultants in the Digital Literacy Lab (DLL). While there is no guarantee of employment, students completing this course are given preference in their applications for these posts. If employed, students are not required to undergo training for posts in the DLL.

Copy of Learn to improve your online presentation using CAMTASIA_edited.jpg

Learning Outcomes

Through the varied activities in CAES2002 students will develop a broad range of important skills. By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Develop digital and visual literacies through the production of multimodal texts across multiple genres including a digital story, learning support materials and a reflective vlog.

  2. Improve spoken communication skills through focused reflection integrated into course learning activities.

  3. Develop strategies to support and engage others within a culturally diverse environment in ways that help others achieve their potential.

  4. Identify key issues and promote cross-cultural engagement through practical experience working in language education with global community partners.


Course enrolment for second semester is now opened on SIS until the end of add-drop period. Meanwhile, if you are interested in enrolling for the course, please email us at to secure a spot.  


Contact us

For more information about the course send an email to the Course Coordinator, Patrick Desloge, at

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