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Creating a screen-capture video with Camtasia

This guided consultation is designed to help explain and give hands-on practice capturing webcam and screen-capture inputs simultaneously to create a polished video product for

  • Talking head style presentation videos- for those instances when you need to do a pre-recorded formal presentation talking through a slide deck but you would like to appear on-screen. 

  • Explanations of visual text- when you want to explain visuals or visual data where you zoom in, highlight or point at significant aspects. 

  • Demonstrations of software or websites- when you want to demonstrate how to do something on a computer and you may need to walk through the process while blurring private data, highlighting important aspects, creating visual indicators of mouse-clicks etc. 

  • Giving feedback on others' work- when you wish to talk through your reactions to written or visual work.  (This is particularly relevant to teachers or those giving peer-feedback). 

In this consultation you are free to come along with work that you have started or you can come along with an idea and our consultant can show you how to get started with Camtasia.  


When booking, please indicate that you'd like to chat about a screen capture video. 

Before you attend please download and install Camtasia following the instructions here: 

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