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Student RA (GenAI) Recruitment

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CAES strives to promote key academic literacies and self-regulation capabilities vital to student success in both academic careers and personal endeavours. The Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) project is now recruiting Year 2-5 undergraduate GenAI users for semester 2 of the 2023-2024 academic year; exceptional Year 1 students will also be considered. Students from all disciplines are welcome. Successful candidates will have considerable experience using GenAI in both academic and non-academic contexts, and they will be enthusiastic about exploring GenAI-related learning strategies and delivering them to students. Those hired will first receive basic training in educational concepts on self-regulated learning, then spend the majority of the time examining prompts and experimenting with different GenAI learning and productivity tools. Throughout the project, they will work closely with professional educators at the centre who are also experts in digital literacy.

How much is the pay?


Competitive compensation commensurate with qualifications will be offered.

When is the training?


Training will be held in mid-January 2024 after Semester 2 begins. Training time is counted as part of the contracted working hours.


When would I begin working, and what are the working hours?


Student RAs will start working in mid-January 2024 after Semester 2 begins, until end of June 2024. Each student will work about 8 hours a week. A typical weekly work schedule includes experiments with GenAI tools (at campus or at home), regular meetings with the lecturers in charge, and short administrative tasks. During workshop seasons, the focus of work would shift from research and development to delivering consultations to students.


Are the working hours flexible?


Meetings with lecturers in charge will be scheduled at regular slots at everybody’s convenience. Most other work does not require a fixed timetable.


How do I apply?


Review of applications will start from 4th December 2023 (Monday) until the post is filled. All applicants must apply through email to Mr Nicholas Mo (, Assistant Lecturer at CAES, no later than 23:59 on 14th December 2023 (Thursday). In the email, include the following:

  1. A completed application form (downloadable here);

  2. A curriculum vitae; and

  3. any other supplementary documents helpful to the recruitment process (a brief document of any format outlining your experience with GenAI).


Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in-person or over Zoom on or before 22nd December 2023 (Friday).


For additional enquiries, please write to Mr Nicholas Mo (, person-in-charge of PKM, Assistant Lecturer at CAES.

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