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Join us for a new workshop - Personal Knowledge Management for Academic Success

Living in the world of big data and digital resources, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the task of organizing and consolidating the information that we collect. While there are many tools emerging to help us curate our own ‘knowledge gardens’ as part of academic studies, using these tools effectively requires each of us to spend time thinking about our specific needs and contexts as we design a knowledge management system that helps us organize our learning.

This workshop will introduce some basic concepts of Personal Knowledge Management, provide hands-on practice with the rising star of knowledge management tools, Notion, and contextualize this in practical research using digital resources from the HKU libraries. Participants will consider the choices that need to be made as they collect, organize, distill and express learning.

Upon completion of the workshops, participants should be able to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of tools and methodologies associated with personal knowledge management

  2. discuss and develop their own personal learning strategies for searching, consuming, sorting, analyzing, and presenting digital resources

  3. build and create within a wiki-based authoring environment to design their own personal learning dashboard

  4. structure and manage information in a relational database

  5. find and identify resources from the HKU digital learning environment

  6. think critically about their own learning strategies and design flexible systems to optimize their learning and sharing throughout their academic career and beyond

We are excited about this unique new learning experience. In this first instance, there are only a small number of places available so we would encourage those students who are interested and sure they will attend to register.

If you have any questions, please contact

Digital Literacy Lab at CAES

HKU Libraries

Technology-enriched Learning Initiative

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